Top 10 Reasons to Join the Portland Alumnae Club

Top 10 Reasons Why You Will Like Being a ΠΒΦ
Alumna as Much as Being a Collegian!

10. Mixing and mingling with women from all walks of life and all chapters and knowing we are all connected through the same bonds of wine and sliver blue!

9. Paying dues only ONCE a year!

8. Making a valuable career contact at an event!

7. Having a place to network after moving to a new city- an instant connection to all the hottest spots, best doctors, and a support network!

6. Finding sisters who can help you meet Mr. Right of provide a shoulder to cry on if he is Mr. Wrong!

5. Paying economical dues (typically $35-$60 annually) so you have more Pi Phi bucks to support the FOUNDATION!

4. Finding a wonderful mentor with invaluable wisdom about many of your new experiences!

3. Not having to live with us and see what we look like in the morning without make-up!

2. Attending only the programs or events that most interest you; philanthropy or community service project, couples night, sporting event, cooking class –  nothing is mandatory!

1. Making terrific friends who will be there for you during the biggest phases of your life: job search, wedding, birth of your first child, and your retirement!


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